Sunday, 27 March 2016

Roles and Timeline

Project Manager (IC of blog)
You Yi
- Responsible for all documentation and "care" of the mousetrap
- Ensures that all tasks are completed and documented on time
- Has final say on any issue that cannot be settled by consensus

How did you contribute in your role effectively in the above?
My work is to constantly take down the process, mistakes and work so that all efforts will not go down the drain and that we can always improve from the previous one. However, for me I believe that we all have a say in things and I will just provide guiding questions to help deepen the discussion and aid the group to come to a conclusion.

Drivetrain Engineer (IC of data analysis)
- Responsible for developing system to transfer from the "engine" to the wheels.
- Ensures proper testing and documentation of all drivetrain components.

How did you contribute in your role effectively in the above?
As a drivetrain engineer I need to do researches and also watch videos of mousetrap car to get hold of how a mousetrap car works. As students that do not usually use a mousetrap sufficient research is needed to build a mousetrap car. I also need to check and ensure that the mousetrap car works properly and efficiently by constantly thinking of how to improve it.

Wheel Engineer (IC of construction and testing)
- Responsible for wheel choice and design
- Sources materials for wheels
- Works with drivetrain engineer to determine wheel-to-axle ratio and attachment

How did you contribute in your role effectively in the above?
I found the wheel and managed to fit it with the axle to ensure smooth and stable rotation of the wheels when in motion. I also had to evaluate the materials used to reduce the amount of friction but still ensuring stable motion without gliding through the floor. I had to made sure the attachment was not too loose as it would cause the wheels to wobble and affecting the stability and make sure it goes in a straight line.

Chassis Engineer
- Responsible for the look and functions of the body (chassis) of the car
- Sources all material for the chassis
- Works with drivetrain and wheel engineers to ensure function and look of wheels and drivetrain components

How did you contribute in your role effectively in the above?
Naturally, as students with no real experience in making the mousetrap, research was our main priority before the construction of the car. Due to the lack of experience and knowledge about the creation of a mousetrap car, I went on to research about the main part of the car, the chassis. I went to source for materials that were not too heavy, as it would slow the whole car down and go against our purpose of building the furthest moving mousetrap car.

17/3/16 (Thursday) 6pm - 8pm We went to Daiso and Popular to get the materials for our first car like CDs, Tapes, chopsticks ect.

18/3/16 (Friday) 10am - 4pm We built 2 cars ; one with 3 wheels and another with 4 wheels to compare the stability of the different cars, using the materials we bought at Daiso and Popular. The chassis was 2 chopsticks taped together to support the mousetrap and the axle are chopsticks with straw to allow rotation of the CDs which are wheels but unfortunately both did not work.

26/3/16 (Saturday) 10am - 4pm We built another car; using styrofoam as the chassis and chopsticks with straws for the axle for the rotation of the scotch tape as wheels but unfortunately, it did not work again.

27/3/16 (Sunday) 3pm - 6pm. We watched some videos the day before to get ideas on how we should built it and we came up with container as chassis as it is firm and stable but required a lot of work when cutting into the desired shape. This time, we used pre made wheels that was found and poked wheels through the container to make it move. This time it worked after several modification like adding weight and tapes to enhance stability and make it safe as there were sharp edges. We also did testing on that day to ensure it worked and recorded the distance before and after the modifications.

31/3/16 (Thursday) 11:55am - 12:45pm We did our final testing of our final car on Thursday. One of our chopsticks broke and we had to replace it by getting another chopsticks from the canteen and retying it to the cable ties and lever. We managed to fix it and our car went 2.43m in 2.96s on our 1st try and 2.7m in 3.83s so we went with our first results as it tallies a better score.

Before or after every meeting, we updated the blog regularly to ensure that our progress is tracked and recorded for reference on what we did the previous meeting to improve and enhance our car and progress.