Selected Design (First Draft) and its Rationales

1. Length : 25.0 cm
2. Width : 15.0cm
3. Height : 10.0cm
4. Wheels preferred material and size : Disks with Rubber Tape x4
5. Chassis preferred materials and design : a few Chopsticks taped together (about 3 for this)
6. Placement of mousetrap : Middle
7. Type of string : Elastic rope
8. Material and length of lever arm : 15.0cm
9. Material of axles: 2 chopsticks taped together

1. Wheels
The wheels are made out of 4 disks with rubber taped by the sides to increase friction and stability so that the car will not fly off.

2. Chassis
The chassis is made of wooden chopsticks so that it will be sticked together firmly without breaking. It also gives the car some space to spare for movement.

3. Lever arm and String type
String Type: Stretchable cotton as it can provide more elastic force for the car to move.
Lever Arm: Did not put lever arm because mousetrap is believed to produce enough energy to move the car far and stable.

4. Axles
The axles are made of 2 chopsticks tape together. One chopstick is not enough because the risk of breaking might be high, hence we secure it with 2 chopsticks and tape it up.

5. Positioning of mousetrap
The mousetrap is placed in the middle and it is taped with the lever arm to produce more moment, which means more kinetic energy. As we wish to keep the car small in the limitation, putting the mousetrap in the front or back in our case does not make a huge difference in energy.

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