Engineering Goals and Requirements

The mousetrap given to us is metallic and heavy, hence
1. The wheels must be heavy so that it can withstand the "snap" of the mousetrap
2. The base must be heavy to prevent the risk of flying away during testing
Thus, the overall weight of the car will be heavy due to the mousetrap.

When finding the materials, we have to buy heavier, stable materials to prevent the mousetrap from destroying them. The materials have to withstand the energy produced by the mousetrap when it is being pulled so that the drive will be stable.

However when building we must always consider our requirements:
1. Length = 30cm max
2. Width = 15cm max
3. Height = 15cm

As well as,
1. uses only the standard issue mousetrap as the only energy source.
2. mousetrap car must move off from rest powered only by the drivetrain without any push/pull froms student
3. including detailed sketches for each design (next tab)

Following that we must make our car both fast and stable so
1. The center of gravity should be low to keep stable
2. The wheels must be made to move smoothly, if not the car will not move in a straight line

We consider the possibilities if our car made from scratch is not able to move
1. get a premade car and modify it such that it runs on a mousetrap
2. look and research on previously made mousetraps and modify such that it fits our requirements

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