Final Assessment

Mass of mousetrap car: 347g
Mass of each wheel (or one of they are all the same): 25.8g
Wheel diameter : 6cm
Axle diameter: 0.2cm
Length of string (from end of level to axle): 17.6cm
Length of lever extension: 17.5cm
Overall length: 28.6cm                            
Overall width: 15.0cm
Overall height: 8.4cm

Run number (1)
Total time of Run /s : 2.96
Total distance of Run /m : 2.43

Run number (2)
Total time of Run /s : 3.83
Total distance of Run /m : 2.7

Best Score: 75.8


Video of 1st and 2nd test:

1st test

2nd test

Speed(m/s) /time (s) graph:

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