Individual Reflection

1. Describe 3 things that you have learnt from the mousetrap car PT
2. Describe 2 of your key contribution to the mousetrap car PT, prove details/evidence where applicable.
3. Describe 1 of the most unforgettable experiences you had while working with your group on the mousetrap car PT.

1.I learnt that firstly if you fail the first time, try again and you will succeed eventually. Secondly, it is important to follow blueprint and plans because it gives important details steps in succeeding. I also learnt that we can find blueprints from different resources like webpages and videos of people that already successful build a mousetrap car so we can use their ideas as inspiration to built and create our car. Lastly, I learnt that it is important to work in a team because with the strength of different people can improve efficiency.
2. I found the premade wheels and the cutting of the body.
3. I think it is the process of incorporating slacking and working together as a group so the longer we slacked and have fun, we would have to work twice as hard but it was a fun and unforgettable experience to slack and work twice as hard. We also managed to entertain ourselves as our groupmates would crack jokes to lighten the mood and laugh at our own mistakes so it helps us to be less tense and have a bit more fun.

1. I have learnt the physics of how to convert energy from the spring to move the car. I also deepened my understanding about the forces that affects the mousetrap car (Eg, friction) Finally I also learnt that the whole process of making a mousetrap car needs sufficient planning and time and luckily we managed to find time to redo the mousetrap car and improve it to get these results.
2. I built the wheels of the first 2 mousetrap cars, the lever, and attaching the string to the first 2 mousetrap cars. I also help test and fix broken bits of the car.
3. I loved the whole process of making the car and how we drifted off doing other stuff once in a while, and seeing the epic fail of the tremendous amount of effort we put into the car go to waste as the first two cars failed ;-; and the reactions of everyone xD


1) The process to success is never easy. Secondly, trial and error is part and parcel of the process. Lastly, teamwork and team collaboration was very important.
2) I pasted the wheels to the chassis and structured the car.
3) It was the amount of times we had to repeat the whole building process when we found that the "cars" we made didnt work. Every single time we built a prototype, hoping it would work, it would just fail and stay stationary. The good thing was that we had less frustration than expected and we laughed it all off. It was until we built the fourth car that worked.
You Yi:
1. You must plan before building the car and remember to take in the requirements. We most always manage our time so that we can all build together and contribute. Split up the work so that not one is too slack or have too much work.
2. Constantly updating the blog and ensure that all the other members have easy access to the questions on the blog. Buying of materials before building the car.
3. Failing the car 3 times and almost gave up until a miracle happened. Also, that moment when we all worked together as a team, the feeling is like an accomplishment and it's amazing.

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