Post-testing Discussion

1. Calculate the average velocity for your mousetrap car during the best run in the final assessment.
 Average Distance (m) /Average Time (s) = Average Velocity (m/s)
2.43/2.96 = 0.82 m/s (2sf)

2. Which part of your mousetrap car design worked best? Explain your answer.
We believe its the wheels. Because the wheels were made out of material that was suitable for the run on the given ground for testing, we are able to get results that were more outstanding than we expected. Hence, we are glad that we were able to source our wheels properly and that our end product performed better than we expected.

3. If you had more time to work on your mousetrap car, state and explain how you will improve/modify the current design?
As of now, our car is unstable when it comes to the parts coming together to work. In fact, we would prefer our car to be as light as possible so that there will be less force acting downwards and that the car will move faster and further. Hence if we had more time, we will definitely source out for better materials and design to improve our car so that our results will be even better than before.

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